What you should know before buying a power bank

Undeniably, we spend more time on our devices, either for entertainment or work. We spend almost the twenty-four (24) hours of the day on our devices. Running out of battery, therefore, is not an option as it might affect your work. You therefore need an alternative supply of power for your phone like what batterie externe offers. You cannot exactly move around with electricity, hence, you might need to consider buying a power bank. This article discusses what owning a power bank involves. But first, why should you consider buying a power bank?

Why you need a power bank

  • It is Convenient: Thanks to their relatively small sizes, they can effortlessly fit in your pocket or handbag. Hence, they are very easy to carry around.
  • Not expensive for what they offer: Power banks are usually reasonably priced. Anybody can afford one. You get dependable power at little cost.
  • Many charging ports: Some power banks come with lots of charging ports. This means you can use your power bank to charge different devices at the same time.
  • Appealing Appearance: They come in different shapes and colors, thus making it attractive to use. If you are interested in fashion or customized accessories, your power bank might double as an accessory that matches your phone.
  • Serves as Assurance: You do not have to worry about your battery draining while traveling a long distance because you know you have a backup to keep your phone alive.

What to consider when buying a power bank

  • Capacity: It is very important to consider the capacity. The capacity of your power bank should be greater than the battery capacity of your phone. This is to ensure that your device charges safely.
  • Number of output (ports): The number of output ports that come with power banks vary. The number of ports are equivalent to the number of devices your power bank can charge at a time. You can choose a power bank considering the number of devices you intend to use it to charge.
  • Quality: You need to check the quality of a power bank before buying it. A low-quality power bank will destroy your phone’s battery and its charging port.
  • Size and weight: It might seem unimportant, but it is important to consider the size and weight before purchasing a power bank. Fittingly, you would prefer one that is convenient to carry around. Buying a large power bank may become a burden, and you would not want that.

Taking care of your power bank

  • For longer battery life, disconnect your power bank from its charger when it fully charges.
  • You should charge your power bank at least every three (3) months, even when not in use.
  • Do not expose the power bank to harsh weather, as this might cause substantial damage to its capacity.
  • It is necessary to handle the power bank with care. It comprises brittle units, so to avoid damages, do not drop or throw your power bank.
  • It is also recommended that power banks should not be fully charged often to get best performance. It should be charged to a maximum of eighty percent (80%) and used to a minimum of twenty percent (20%).
  • To avoid damaging your power bank, do not use it to charge your device while charging it. Doing so may destroy the circuit. If you keep your power bank safe, you can rest assured that it will last a long time.

Wrapping Up

There are several reasons to get a power bank. Whether for fashion or necessity, power banks do a great job as power backups. Getting a power banks have become extremely easy as you can get one from the convenience of your home with no stress. However, you are likely to lose your power bank without the right care. This article will help you avoid that.

Chalk Up Victory in FUT With FIFA 21 Coins

If you are new in the gaming world, you probably do not know what FIFA 21 coins or credits are. Well, FIFA 21 coins are an in-game currency used in FIFA soccer, a classic and a popular mobile football game created by EA Sports. Thanks to technology, which has led to constant innovations in gameplay and graphics that improve user experience. 

This article will look into the following: 

  • What is Ultimate Team (FUT)
  • Uses of FIFA 21 credits 
  • How to transfer your FIFA credits 
  • How to sell your FIFA coins
  • Precaution measures

What is Ultimate Team (FUT)

The Ultimate Team is simply a mode in FIFA. It allows you as a player to be a manager. As a manager, you can build your top team. Further, you can sign or sell players, choose your preferred playstyle, upgrade your team, design costumes or jerseys of your favorite color and patterns. Doubtless, the Ultimate Team mode offers an opportunity to build your strong dream team in FIFA 21. 

Uses of FIFA 21 credits 

FIFA 21 coins play a vital role in the Ultimate Team. These coins help a player save time that would go to waste trying to ascend the ranks. They make the game fun. FIFA 21 credits help boost your team in FUT mode. Among the uses of this online currency for gaming including,

  • Buying best players 
  • Buying useful bonus contents
  • Upgrading your stadium 
  • Designing new jerseys for your players 

How to transfer your FIFA credits 

In IGVault, a game service platform, transfer of coins is in two ways: Safe trade and player trade. Going with the former, all you need is to click the link in the email and fill out your account details. The safe trade method offers the best choice as it is cost-free and fast. 

The Player trade method is an easy-made transfer means where the company buys on your behalf the products you have listed. With the Player Trade, however, you incur a 5% transaction fee. 

How to sell your FIFA 21 coins 

It is not just having fun. In IGVault, there is more beyond gaming. Here, you can earn a real income by selling your FIFA 21 coins. There are two ways you can make money with credits in your account, they include: 

  • Direct selling to IGVault store. The sellerhas to fill out the form with his or her account details before. 
  • Comfort trade. With this method, first, check the company’s reviews before initiating any sale on the platform.

Precaution measures 

Your account needs to be safe at any time. The following steps will aid in improving the security of your account, 

  • Change your FIFA account login details. Do this immediately after your account gets credited with all coins.
  • Do not log in when your order is under process.

Final thoughts 

Hopefully, this blog post offers extensive information about FIFA 21 coins. This information should now help you make an informed decision about FIFA 21 credits in your soccer account. It is time you chalk up victories in FUT by buying FIFA 21 coins and shine in FIFA online community.

3 simple ways to improve your PC battery life

PC batteries make use of Lithium-Ion rechargeable cells with a regular life expectancy of three to five years. After this period, a normal decline is often observed. This means that after the initial years of recharging and discharging the cell, the battery life would not last as long as it used to. If you enjoyed using the battery for up to 7 hours in the first few years, that number decreases. Sometimes, the change is not so obvious, while in several instances, it loses over 2 hours of uptime. Where you buy your battery has a role to play in this. This is because getting the right quality will determine how much wear will take place over time.

So, how can you improve the battery life of your Windows PC for optimal performance? Here is what you should do.

Optimizing PC battery life: 3 easy things to do

  1. Use Windows Battery Performance toolkit

Using the Windows performance toolkit is a good place to begin your battery optimization journey. It groups every battery setting in one center. What’s more, it is easy to understand and use. But you must note that your PC manufacturer determines the settings that the Windows Performance toolkit controls. Four options are available to choose from on the performance toolkit. These are the options and their effects on your battery:

– Battery saver mode: As the name implies, this battery optimization option is for reducing battery consumption when you unplug the PC. This setting reduces screen brightness, suspends Mail app synchronizations, prevents Windows from updating, and limits background apps.

– Better battery mode: This battery optimization feature, which is also known as ‘Recommended’ battery mode on some PCs will deliver a longer battery life. It does so without completely shutting down apps and background features.

– Better Performance: This is best for persons seeking more CPU resources and would not mind running on optimal battery for maximum responsiveness and speed.

  1. Actively monitor the life of your PC battery

Eventually, your PC battery will lose its charging capacity in the long run and will need a replacement. Batterie PC Portable Asus is a great source for your replacement battery. Knowing the status of your battery’s life prepares you for the change. All you need to do is generate a battery report using the command prompt on your PC.

  1. Pay attention to airflow

Your PC temperature is not something that comes to mind often when trying to improve the lifespan of your battery. But it is worth your attention. Lithium-polymer, which is a major component of many batteries does not require total discharge for calibration. Still, heat can rapidly deplete it. Blocking the air ventilation remains one of the common ways to overheat the battery system. Hence, the need for preventing dust buildup and cleaning the airways constantly. Using compressed air will help blow out accumulated dust on the PC’s vent. Also, using your PC on solid surfaces will encourage airflow and cooling.

 Wrapping Up

Every PC user knows how important it is to have a good battery. Your battery life goes a long way in deciding your productivity rate with your PC. Also, knowing how to optimize your battery for each situation will help you increase its lifespan, improve PC performance, and save you cost from regularly having to replace your battery. Whether you are a heavy or light PC user, your optimization skills will determine how well your battery serves you.