3 simple ways to improve your PC battery life

by Sadie Creek

PC batteries make use of Lithium-Ion rechargeable cells with a regular life expectancy of three to five years. After this period, a normal decline is often observed. This means that after the initial years of recharging and discharging the cell, the battery life would not last as long as it used to. If you enjoyed using the battery for up to 7 hours in the first few years, that number decreases. Sometimes, the change is not so obvious, while in several instances, it loses over 2 hours of uptime. Where you buy your battery has a role to play in this. This is because getting the right quality will determine how much wear will take place over time.

So, how can you improve the battery life of your Windows PC for optimal performance? Here is what you should do.

Optimizing PC battery life: 3 easy things to do

  1. Use Windows Battery Performance toolkit

Using the Windows performance toolkit is a good place to begin your battery optimization journey. It groups every battery setting in one center. What’s more, it is easy to understand and use. But you must note that your PC manufacturer determines the settings that the Windows Performance toolkit controls. Four options are available to choose from on the performance toolkit. These are the options and their effects on your battery:

– Battery saver mode: As the name implies, this battery optimization option is for reducing battery consumption when you unplug the PC. This setting reduces screen brightness, suspends Mail app synchronizations, prevents Windows from updating, and limits background apps.

– Better battery mode: This battery optimization feature, which is also known as ‘Recommended’ battery mode on some PCs will deliver a longer battery life. It does so without completely shutting down apps and background features.

– Better Performance: This is best for persons seeking more CPU resources and would not mind running on optimal battery for maximum responsiveness and speed.

  1. Actively monitor the life of your PC battery

Eventually, your PC battery will lose its charging capacity in the long run and will need a replacement. Batterie PC Portable Asus is a great source for your replacement battery. Knowing the status of your battery’s life prepares you for the change. All you need to do is generate a battery report using the command prompt on your PC.

  1. Pay attention to airflow

Your PC temperature is not something that comes to mind often when trying to improve the lifespan of your battery. But it is worth your attention. Lithium-polymer, which is a major component of many batteries does not require total discharge for calibration. Still, heat can rapidly deplete it. Blocking the air ventilation remains one of the common ways to overheat the battery system. Hence, the need for preventing dust buildup and cleaning the airways constantly. Using compressed air will help blow out accumulated dust on the PC’s vent. Also, using your PC on solid surfaces will encourage airflow and cooling.

 Wrapping Up

Every PC user knows how important it is to have a good battery. Your battery life goes a long way in deciding your productivity rate with your PC. Also, knowing how to optimize your battery for each situation will help you increase its lifespan, improve PC performance, and save you cost from regularly having to replace your battery. Whether you are a heavy or light PC user, your optimization skills will determine how well your battery serves you.

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