Frequently Asked Questions About The Smartwatch Battery Life

by Sadie Creek

Smartwatches are fantastic devices that offer one the opportunity to track down various activities. But, just like any other electrical device, smartwatches require power to operate. Generally, they use batteries as their source of power. For example, watch 3 in UK uses rechargeable batteries. Without the batteries, a smartwatch cannot operate. Below are six frequently asked questions about the smartwatch battery life;

Six Frequently asked questions about the smartwatch battery life

1. Can a smartwatch battery last for more than 24 hours?

The best smartwatch available in the market can use a fully charged battery for 1.5 days. But the average time a watch can operate on a single watch is 24 hours. Furthermore, the actual battery life of one’s smartwatch depends on their product use habits, product differences, and some environmental variables.

In addition, some watches like the Huawei Watch 3 have an ultra-long battery life system that can last up to 14 days with the implementation of the correct settings. For example, default factory mode settings, enabling the ultra-long battery life system, enabling Truslee all night, enabling heart monitoring, and so on. Therefore, if the proper settings are implemented, the battery life can extend.

2. Is the smartwatch battery replaceable?

Different smartwatches have different conditions for their batteries. But, many brands in the market allow for one to replace the batteries. Batteries can be replaced when they stop working or when it starts losing time. If the situation is not dire, most batteries allow for recharging. Smartwatch batteries are recharged when the watch is battery low.

3. What type of batteries are used in smartwatches?

Both normal watches and smartwatches use batteries. Thus, being able to distinguish between the two is crucial. Most smartwatches in the market use lithium-ion batteries because of their high power density. Another merit of Lithium-ion batteries is that they are less likely to be affected by memory effects. Memory effect occurs when batteries become hard after long periods of charging. Therefore, Lithium-ion batteries guarantee longevity and durability.

4. What is the best smartwatch battery?

There are two primary types of smartwatch batteries available in the market. They include; replaceable and rechargeable batteries. Both types are excellent, but it all comes down to your requirement. If you lack the time for recharging, you can go for the replaceable. And if you want to save money on purchasing replaceable batteries, you can choose to use rechargeable batteries.

5. What is the best method to extend a smartwatch battery life?

There are several ways that you can use to extend your watch’s battery life. They include; change screen brightness, turn the screen off when not in use, turn off unwanted notifications, and uninstall battery-draining apps. With the listed methods, your battery usage will reduce, thus increased battery life.

6. What is the smartwatch battery lifespan?

The type of batteries used on the latest smartwatches ensures longevity. Some of the best brands in the market have a life span of up to 3 years. The long life span can be attributed to the presence of Lithium-ion batteries.


The battery life of a smartwatch is a crucial factor to consider while making a purchase. The best smartwatches present in the market ensure that they offer batteries with a long life. Furthermore, knowing how to extend the battery life of a smartwatch can be very helpful.

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