Ways You Can Easily Grow Your Twitter Profile

by Sadie Creek

Maybe you think that your Twitter followers count does not matter. Unfortunately, it does matter. After knowing this, you should be on a mission to grow your Twitter profile. You should start by publishing the best tweets you can think of and get targeted followers. Remember that you require tact and strategy to succeed in this era. These are some of the strategies you should give a try.

Buy Twitter Followers

There are different reasons you should consider buying Twitter followers. For instance, getting real followers can help you improve your organic growth. Although buying legit followers is a bit expensive, with the right followers, you can grow your followers easily. In any case, it is difficult to distinguish between a genuine follower and a paid follower.

Also, you need high Twitter followers count because it matters a lot. That does not mean you purchase millions of followers. You need to be realistic and get the right followers to promote your brand. There is nothing wrong with buying a few thousands of Twitter followers.

Use Funnels

You are probably thinking about getting followers from your location. However, recent studies have shown that getting followers from different locations can help grow your Twitter profile. Do you have a great following in other social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook? It is time you get even more on Twitter. That is because such fans are likely to appreciate your tweets and engage with them.

You can get your audiences from other platforms to Twitter. In this way, you can promote your posts through the available channels. When your fans like your profile, they are likely to share your tweets and hence spreading your message. Ensure that the profile photo you choose is easy and clean. You can add relevant tags plus location information, particularly if you are promoting a local brand.


The truth is that automation can help get you quite far. Ideally, what you should be doing is to get into the trenches of the industry and create networks. In this way, you can get people to like your tweets. However, if you cannot offer something back, then your followers might not stick for long. You can grow your Twitter profile by establishing your brand.

Use Hashtags

You need to use the hashtags like never before. Maybe it has been working for you when you throw a few hashtags there as you leave everything to chance. If you want to take your Twitter profile to another level, you have to use the hashtags correctly. Ensure you use hashtags that are relevant to your niche and do not give a bad image to your brand.

Therefore, there is a need to take time to find the right hashtags. Ensure you mix different hashtags that are trending. Each of your tweets must have a hashtag.

The truth is that it is not easy to grow your Twitter profile. Fortunately, it is possible and can be done with the right strategies. As you grow your account, you will learn important strategies along the way. With the above tricks, it should not be difficult to achieve your goals.

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