Why you need the Honor MagicBook Pro right now

There are several laptops in the marketplace. But none of them can be compared to the efficiency and work processes of the Honor MagicBook Pro. The main thing about this personal computer is that it is not the most talked-about in the market, but the functionalities are impeccable.

In recent times, the Honor brand has decided to step up their stock with the best and affordable Honor Magicbook pro laptop for customers. Most people feel it is an unnecessary addition to their brand. And the rest feel it is the start of something new to their business.

Going by the specification of the laptops we would say that this laptop has a high chance of competing with the best.

Certain things make this laptop the best, helps it stand out from the crowd, and be a great competition for the high-end players. These things are listed as follows.

· Ease of carriage.

We all know that most laptops are not easy to carry despite being made for portability. This is why people prefer the Honor Magic Book Pro. When you move from your home to your office or vehicle, you will feel like you are not carrying anything at all. This is why people have given a lot of top acclaims.

When you buy this laptop, you get the best in size and it can go with you comfortably whenever you go.

· It has the best specifications.

These days, people do not buy a laptop because of the beauty anymore. They buy because of the specifications attached. This is why the Honor Magicbook Pro stands out very well.

Unlike most laptops, they are made for the beauty but the RAM, processor speed and memory slots are usually very low. Whenever things are like this, your entire work processes will be slow.

The magic book pro is created with a lot of high specifications to ensure that your work processes go smoothly and you deliver in record time. Everything you do with the laptop becomes so seamless.

· It has the best battery life.

The battery life of this laptop is enough to leave you speechless. Yes. The Honor Magicbook pro has one of the best battery lives that is loved by users.

In most cases, people do not have the chance to charge their laptops where ever they are. So they need laptops like these to be able to work effectively.

The honor magic book gives you the best battery experience more than you can find anywhere.

So, if you are looking for the best laptop to improve your overall working experience in your office and the home, then you should go out and get this laptop immediately.

Final Words.

Honor has done an impressive job in rolling out this magnificent Magic book for use. So far, it has generated a lot of positive feedback from users that value great products. The honor Magicbook pro may not be the best in the market, but it most certainly helps to get your jobs done faster. SO, if you look at functionality at its peak, then getting this laptop should be the right option for you.

Exciting Things You Need to Know About A Smartwatch

Fitness trackers are quite popular these days. Some of you might ask whether it is really helpful and which one you should consider.

Yes, fitness trackers are helpful. It can tell you how many calories you have burned, how far you run, how many steps, how you sleep at night, and many more. Before buying the device, you must know what it can provide, its accuracy, and other essential features. There is no substitute for a doctor’s assessment when it comes to your health. But with the help of a fitness tracker, you can reach your fitness and health goals effectively.

Trackers on your smartwatch can help you motivate reach your goal. They can motivate you to meet your goal, display your progress in real-time, and compare them with your friends. If you want to reach your goals, you need to commit and dedicate yourself to achieve them.

When choosing the smartwatch that is perfect for your lifestyle, you should check on the following – the look, features, battery life, price, and ease of use. This post is written to help you out.

What to Look For?

Fitness Tracking

The primary reason why people buy smartwatches is to track activity. It serves as a fitness watch where you can log your calories, workouts, and steps. The latest model now has a built-in heart rate monitor.

Most of the smartwatches have GPS on board, which is helpful for bike rides and mapping runs. For swimmers, they need something water-resistant. The good thing is that most of the smartwatches are waterproof. Some smartwatches are more focused on fitness and offer added features like heart-rate tracking, auto-exercise detection, and stress measurements.


Aside from functioning as a fitness watch tracker, it can also save your music. The device can be paired with wireless earbuds so you can listen to your favorite music without taking your phone. Smartwatches without onboard storage for music normally have on-watch music controls, so you can playback the music without needing your phone.

Size and Style

You need to consider the size and style. These factors are essential for those who plan to wear the device all day long. Choose a big enough smartwatch for your wrist and a style that will look good at you. Do not forget to check on the case measurements, and it is best to choose the one with interchangeable bands.


This feature lets you pay for something you buy without your wallet. To use this, you need to save your debit or credit card info in the smartwatch. Once done, you can use it to pay for a cup of coffee. But not all smartwatches have this feature. So, if you need this service check the built-in features of the watch before buying.

Final Thoughts


Smartwatches are not just for displaying time and date; there is more into it. It can serve as a fitness tracker to monitor your progress as you work out. Choose the one that will fit your budget and suit your lifestyle.

Outstanding Features of HMS Core 5.0

Since Google moved the core functionality into GMS (Google Mobile Service, Huawei has been on the upward trajectory replacing it. Recently, Huawei Mobile Services core (HMS) received a big service boost from the HMS Core 4.0 to 5.0.

The new version is a dream for all app developers as it comes with a plethora of developer kits meant to provide capabilities for coming up with features with system categories, Graphics, and media. Some of these include wallet kit, site kit, camera kit, and more. Literally, everything that a developer needs for success is provided by the HMS core 5.

So, what are the key features of HMS core 5 that makes an excellent revelation?

Image Kit

The kit features powerful smart animation as well as design production functions. Therefore, it offers excellent image reproduction as well as efficient image editing for all users. Users can enjoy a plethora of advanced color filters and animation effects. Ideally, the image kit is meant to support various animations plus their combinations.

Audio Kit

Another improved feature is the audio kit that offers several audio capabilities. It offers aspects such as audio data, audio playback, and audio effects, all based on the HMS ecosystem. Also, it includes encoding and decoding capabilities at the hardware level.

Accelerate Kit

This is a kit that provides the capability for acceleration to help improve the execution of various threads. It can be found in the developer studio, whereby developers can have access to it via APIs. In making the system even better, programs executing several tasks simultaneously are recommended. It helps to free from management tasks and help focus all the attention on creating the apps.

AR Engine

Unlike with the previous version, the new AR Engine offers different AR capabilities, including motion, environment, human body, and face tracking. Therefore, it means that developers can create interactive as well as immersive AR experiences.

Video Kit

The video kit also provides smoother HD playback, which is bolstered with several control options. Therefore, it makes the app not only appealing but also better. With a video kit, you can be able to host a video and then edit it into the latest versions.

Ideally, it can be used in building various video features that provide stronger video experience to app users.

Scene Kit

It functions more like a lightweight rendering engine, featuring low consumption as well as high performance. It offers high-end descriptive APIs to edit, render, and operate 3D materials.

It will come of handy in various scenarios requiring image renderings, such as in social networking, shopping, education, and design.

Computer Graphics Kit

This is a feature that helps in adopting the CG in the apps. The kit can well be applied by developers that create games and motion picture apps as they can be used to create richer and innovative content. Developers can now real materials in mobile games precisely.


It offers apps low latency, high output, reliable as well as secure communication capabilities. Moreover, the kit supports Cronet protocols as well as gQUIC protocols, which help to avoid congestions in several network environments. Therefore, it offers apps quick connection, reduced packet loss, and higher throughput.

Nevertheless, the new HMS core 5 has come with several improvements, such as location services supporting fence management capabilities.

Is the Huawei Developer a Trusted Platform?

Huawei as a mobile brand is getting bigger, bolder and better. These improvements are reflected in both their products and their services. From mobile phones to laptops and all sort of technological gadgets, Huawei as a brand is not pulling its punches. Besides, the Huawei developer is even making tremendous strides in the telecommunications industry. Customers and users are having their requirements and demands met daily.

At a speed that could almost be described as being lightning fast. The team of customer service experts are always ready to attend to the needs of customers from virtually all corners of the globe. Or at least those in countries with registered Huawei outlets and access to Huawei Mobile Services. But even better, Huawei has built a platform for app developers to also make their mark in the tech world. The Huawei developer has been described as being a win-win platform for everyone. How so?

A Brief Introduction to the Huawei Developer

The Huawei developer is a virtual platform that is gradually growing into a self-sustaining system of its own. It is a platform that is made up of several resources and services put in place to assist app developers. The platform gives app developers an avenue to develop their apps and even test them in the long run.

The platform is built in such an intriguing way that the developers could be said to have real-time access and control over their apps. They would be able to monitor user feedback and reactions. This is a huge advantage in today` tech world. This means that as a developer you would be able to respond to user requests and tackle issues with almost real-time efficiency.

Additionally, the platform is also equipped with services that are essential to any app developer. The platform has services that make it easier for developers to promote their apps after testing the apps. Most importantly, the platform has services that bring monetization of the apps to the very fingertips of the developers.

This way, Huawei developers ensure that the users and customers are satisfied. The platform also serves to assist developers from all over to remain on top of their game. So, at this point, you most likely understand why the Huawei developer is referred to as a win-win platform. The app developers win in their way and most importantly, the end-users win as well.

Services Available to Developers Registered Under the Huawei Developer Platform

There are numerous services. However, we will outline those that are quintessential to any modern-day app developer.

  1. Identity verification and registration services.
  2. Effective app development and trustworthy app testing facilities.
  3. Trusted paid promotion tools and services.
  4. Several SDK interfaces are accessible through the platform. In the future, even more, abundant API resource options will be available.

The list goes on and on. But we would be stopping here for now. At this point, any app developer would be more than enthusiastic at the prospects associated with the Huawei developer.


As an app developer, what is the hold-up? Register yourself under the Huawei developer’s platform today. This article does not necessarily come close to doing the Huawei Developers platform justice as there are still many more services that were not discussed. Register today and push your app to heights you never seriously considered.

Mobile Apps for Business and their Future

Over 100 mobile apps for business and joint operations are currently floating in the market. These softwares are downloaded by users on approximately 1 million mobile phones annually. They are setting innovative strategies to attract consumers and contribute to business growth.

For a decade, mobile apps have been used as credible tools for reshaping companies and their operations. It is expected that they shall emerge with time. Take a sneak peek at the future of these machines.

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over

AI has been in the limelight for years now. According to experts, by the end of 2020, the industry will have risen to an estimate of $40 billion.

The way the tech sector is utilizing it looks like the number can increase in the future.

Huawei Group has set a perfect example of how Artificial Intelligence is taking over the market and redefining the applications of mobile apps.

When merged with the futuristic IoT, users will not do much to accomplish a task.

2. The Rise in Use of Bots

Industry experts believe that by the end of 2020, over 75 percent of interactions in business will occur via chatbots.

When enterprises have a real-time interaction with their future customers, the chances of making them potential clients become high. Chatbots play a role in this. A good example is the health care sector, which is witnessing how the tool kit takes customer engagement to newer heights.

Chatbots are often present to redefine customer service. A client can send in queries and expect prompt feedback. It is no wonder the Global Market Insight issued a report stating that in the next four years, the market size for implementing chatbots can reach $1 billion.

3. M-commerce

The basic level applications are obsolete; businesses do not find them useful anymore. This is appended to the growth of blockchain technology. Some examples of these applications include gaming and food sectors. For example, considering the financial perspective of the whole thing, such disciplines are favorable.

A variety of payment gateways have become important in today’s consumer world. Mobile apps must thence fit into the economic norms that order the practices.

4. Cloud Service

The cloud service technology is taking over enterprises like Netflix and other established brands. The world is realizing the pros of cloud technology. All industries are awake.

Some of the advantages of cloud service technology include affordable hosting costs, simplified business operations, coupled with a better loading ability. Cloud technology solves security issues too.

With the contribution in app developments, more customers will feel safe when using the apps because cloud tech forms powerful apps. 

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, you need to remain updated with the applicable technologies of the mobile app sector. You should also keep pace with the ever-transitioning desires of your consumers. From this blog post, you can garner incredible insights to assist you in developing a trusted mobile app for your business. Unlike in the past where apps would be developed and injected into the market without a concrete improvement plan, today, experts can work on nurturing the tool for the future.