Outstanding Features of HMS Core 5.0

by Sadie Creek

Since Google moved the core functionality into GMS (Google Mobile Service, Huawei has been on the upward trajectory replacing it. Recently, Huawei Mobile Services core (HMS) received a big service boost from the HMS Core 4.0 to 5.0.

The new version is a dream for all app developers as it comes with a plethora of developer kits meant to provide capabilities for coming up with features with system categories, Graphics, and media. Some of these include wallet kit, site kit, camera kit, and more. Literally, everything that a developer needs for success is provided by the HMS core 5.

So, what are the key features of HMS core 5 that makes an excellent revelation?

Image Kit

The kit features powerful smart animation as well as design production functions. Therefore, it offers excellent image reproduction as well as efficient image editing for all users. Users can enjoy a plethora of advanced color filters and animation effects. Ideally, the image kit is meant to support various animations plus their combinations.

Audio Kit

Another improved feature is the audio kit that offers several audio capabilities. It offers aspects such as audio data, audio playback, and audio effects, all based on the HMS ecosystem. Also, it includes encoding and decoding capabilities at the hardware level.

Accelerate Kit

This is a kit that provides the capability for acceleration to help improve the execution of various threads. It can be found in the developer studio, whereby developers can have access to it via APIs. In making the system even better, programs executing several tasks simultaneously are recommended. It helps to free from management tasks and help focus all the attention on creating the apps.

AR Engine

Unlike with the previous version, the new AR Engine offers different AR capabilities, including motion, environment, human body, and face tracking. Therefore, it means that developers can create interactive as well as immersive AR experiences.

Video Kit

The video kit also provides smoother HD playback, which is bolstered with several control options. Therefore, it makes the app not only appealing but also better. With a video kit, you can be able to host a video and then edit it into the latest versions.

Ideally, it can be used in building various video features that provide stronger video experience to app users.

Scene Kit

It functions more like a lightweight rendering engine, featuring low consumption as well as high performance. It offers high-end descriptive APIs to edit, render, and operate 3D materials.

It will come of handy in various scenarios requiring image renderings, such as in social networking, shopping, education, and design.

Computer Graphics Kit

This is a feature that helps in adopting the CG in the apps. The kit can well be applied by developers that create games and motion picture apps as they can be used to create richer and innovative content. Developers can now real materials in mobile games precisely.


It offers apps low latency, high output, reliable as well as secure communication capabilities. Moreover, the kit supports Cronet protocols as well as gQUIC protocols, which help to avoid congestions in several network environments. Therefore, it offers apps quick connection, reduced packet loss, and higher throughput.

Nevertheless, the new HMS core 5 has come with several improvements, such as location services supporting fence management capabilities.

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